Opportunities to meet a lady

1º- The lady visits Spain, Europe and Latin America for a personal acquaintance.

2º- We organize your travel to Eastern Countries to meet the lady..

1ª- Option 1 (lady comes to Spain, Europe and Latin America)

You spare your time in this case since no notary and paperwork are necessary to make the trip of the lady happen. Together with our lawyers in Russia, we will arrange all the necessary documents in order to prepare the arrival of the lady  without any problems.

It takes 20 days to a month to arrange the lady’s journey to your country.

We will meet  the lady  at the airport  together( Barcelona or Madrid during working time) upon her arrival. This is the place where we shall be able  to discuss all necessary details and questions together to break ice of uncertainty.

The airport is also the place you escort the lady from, since an associated life is the best way to get to know a person. As long as the lady stays in Spain you will have the telephone number to contact us to help you out of any problem you can face, as being in touch is of importance.

2ª- Option. (Organize a trip to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc ...)

In this case, we will prepare for you a private tour since the departure from your country (visa, insurance, flights, etc.) as well as the arrival in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc …  (transfer, apartments, hotels, transfers, etc ..) in a pre-selected the city where you can meet with all the ladies who were chosen  in advance.

We will take care of preparing everything for you.

It is a custom with us to organize an individual trip, since every person is a unique case.

Thus, more patronage will be provided for you by our staff, you will be able to talk all the points over and have all the questions concerning the ladies answered, leaving no room for misunderstanding and disagreement.

The sooner you will respond us, the earlier you will meet your lady.

We are closely associated with our Russian filial agencies, so far we know of everything relating to our ladies, where and what kind job they do, what are their ambitions, what family they stem from. Being aware of that clears all the problems away.

Another point to notice is that no one is obliged to marry, and ladies know that as well. A large number of the couples created with our assistance in Spain and Europe are living together in marriage   for many years, some couples already have children  without official registration.

Everything depends on you.

We will always be in touch for advice and help. We are experts in family psychology, should  you misunderstand anything or lack any information, feel free to address us for a consultation seven days a week.

We will find you the girl of your choice for the future life together with her.

Experts in couple relationships with more than 20 years of experience and many couples formed with our help and support.

In our agency you can meet Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian girls – Slavic girls with the intention of formalizing a stable relationship. Feminine, charming women, with a high level of education and wanting to find a partner and love. We have the largest catalog – more than 3000 girls from the east to find a partner, find your girlfriend who brings happiness in your life. Come visit us at our offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao … etc….

We work throughout Spain and internationally throughout Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Marriage Agency AGENCIARUSS since 1998 with the best results to find a partner: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian, Uzbek, Tatar, single, divorced or widowed women who speak Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or several languages. To find a partner or find a girlfriend in Agencia Russ.

Contract without limit of presentations and expiration of time.

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